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  • All you need to know about Hepatitis C and the Liver

    Ever heard of cases where someone was diagnosed with a severe liver condition out of the blue? A seemingly healthy individual who didn’t drink, didn’t have any serious health condition, but found out that he had a damaged liver!

  • Diabetes and Hypertension: Disastrous for Your Health

    Hypertension (high blood pressure) is becoming increasingly common these days! Not just the elderly, but young adults as well are largely suffering from high blood pressure.

  • Essential Health Check-ups for Diabetes Patients

    Diabetes is a lifelong condition affecting millions of people worldwide. People with diabetes generally have excess sugar in their blood (high blood glucose levels) due to the pancreas inability to produce any or sufficient insulin.

  • Is your thyroid difficult to control?

    Have you been suffering from major hair loss recently? We all go through the horror of seeing our glossy strands left behind in our hairbrush every change in season. But sometimes it’s just too much!