Is your thyroid difficult to control?

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Have you been suffering from major hair loss recently? We all go through the horror of seeing our glossy strands left behind in our hairbrush every change in season. But sometimes it’s just too much!

Yet you part your hair as stylishly as you can, try to cheer yourself up and go out for a fun evening – only for someone to ask ‘Have you put on weight?’. Not a good evening, especially when you have no change in your routine to justify these changes! Well people, sudden weight changes, hair loss and even mood fluctuations are actually symptoms of a thyroid disorder.

Thyroid problems have seen a significant increase in the past years with about 1 in every 10 Indians affected by it. This tiny gland in the neck releases hormones that are responsible for your metabolism and accurate energy consumption. But when these hormones go out of control, they subject the body to a whole lot of changes. Over time, if left untreated they could also impact major organs and overall health.

What happens when the thyroid hormones are out of control?

Hair loss: This is a major warning sign for most people. Significant amounts of hair loss could be a symptom of abnormal thyroid levels in the body. However, don’t worry – it’s not permanent. Once the thyroid levels are brought back to normal, your hair growth normalises again.

Weight changes: Sudden increase or decrease in weight can also indicate that thyroid levels are not normal. Since these hormones regulate our metabolic activity, weight gain may be due to an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) while weight loss may reflect an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).


Menstrual problems in women: Painful and irregular periods are also major indicators of abnormal thyroid levels. So if you notice your dates shifting erratically with increased pain, be sure to get your thyroid levels check out.

Mood swings: Did you know that your recent fatigue and mood swings can also be due to a thyroid disorder? A decreased metabolism can cause sluggishness, tiredness and low energy. While a higher metabolism may lead to anxiety and restlessness.

Resistance to cold or heat: If one season you find yourself feeling more cold or hot for no reason, it could be that your thyroid’s out of control! These hormones also help regulate the body’s overall temperature. Thus, changes in these levels can affect your body temperature and its reaction to the weather.

Heart palpitations: The thyroid hormones have a direct impact on our heart as they affect blood flow and circulation. People with increased thyroid levels may experience heart palpitations or increased heart beats. This should be checked out instantly as it causes additional stress on the heart.

Apart from these symptoms, people may also observe other signs like a swelling in the neck, muscle pain, cold hands and feet, etc. Please don’t ignore these symptoms but have them checked out by a doctor at the earliest.


Is a thyroid disorder really that serious?

Yes, it is. Keep in mind that these hormones impact almost all our organs in one way or another. An undiagnosed or untreated thyroid condition can lead to serious complications in the future. Some of these include cardiac problems, weak muscles and bones, vision problems, cholesterol problems and even thyroid cancer. However, an early diagnosis can help doctors control it from the onset and keep levels within normal range.

How do I get my thyroid checked?

Well, this is quite easy actually. A doctor may examine your neck if he observes a swelling there indicating problems with the gland and confirm it with a simple blood test. The TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test is the basis to judge if your thyroid is in control. Anyone experiencing the above symptoms should instantly get the blood test done to rule out a disorder or treat it timely.

Now we know that some of you reading this, though concerned may just be thinking there’s no time to go and get a check-up done. So we’ll come to you! We offer a free home collection of blood sample from your doorstep, at most places in India. Keep in mind an early diagnosis not only helps improve your health but can also prevent serious future complications.

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