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It often takes two people to start getting into a great habit together. This package is meant for couples for an overall understanding of their health condition. As our busy schedule leaves no room for us to pay attention to our health, it becomes a cause of worry for our loved ones. Avail this package today for you and your beloved to make better lifestyle choices together.


There are absolutely no prerequisites for the package. All the necessary information including fasting requirements will be communicated to you by our representative once you buy the package.

Full Body Check-up Program for Couples


Regular Price: INR3,900.00

Special Price INR2,900.00

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Comprehensive Health Checkup + Diet-Consultation + Personalized Health Improvement Plan

With 100% cash-back*

Your blood-sample is strictly processed in NABL-CAP laboratories

Availability : Anywhere in India

Now no more need of visiting any diagnostic centre. Free home service.

*Jubination Customer-service assured.
Report Delivery : via e-mail or Courier
10-12 hours of fasting is required.

Buy online or call us on 022-39652819

In today’s time our languid lifestyle with no exercise and poor diet has given way to various complications. The stress from desk-oriented work life, drinking and smoking habits only contribute to the already alarming health condition of Indian men & women. This among other things could mean :Diabetes , High cholesterol , Liver problems , Cardiovascular diseases , Kidney diseases, Hypertension. This is a complete health package especially designed for men and women above the age of 40, which will provide intricate information regarding their health condition. Avail the package today to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

This package evaluates following parameters :

- Cardiac(Heart) Risk Marker Profile : - 1 test
- Diabetes Profile - 2 tests
- Lipid Profile - 8 tests
- Thyroid Profile - 3 tests
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin B12
- Hormone Profile - 1 test
- Iron Deficiency Profile - 3 tests
- Liver Profile - 11 tests
- Pancreatic Profile - 2 tests
- Electrolytes - 2 tests
- Kidney Profile - 5 tests
- Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Do your regular health checkups and blood-tests with 100% cash-back

How does the cash-back work?

1. Buy any health check-up package and get 100% cash-back credited to your Jubination account. For e.g. when you buy a health check-up for Rs.2000, you get Rs.2000 credited as cash-back

2. You can use the cash-back to get up to 20% discount in your next purchase. That means, you get your next health check-up of Rs.2000 for just Rs.1600

3. Your cash-back amount can be used for yourself, your friends or your family members and comes with a 365 days' validity

4. In a year, you can save upto Rs.10,000


In today’s world with decreasing physical activity and high calorie diet, one can be affected with a range of complications like : Diabetes , Thyroid problems , Kidney Diseases , Vitamin Deficiency , Liver problems & High cholesterol levels. As it is important to have health on your side to live life to the fullest, this package is especially meant for couples to ensure them a happy and healthy life together. Get tested today. Live cheerfully forever.